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Springtime… At Soulcake it means longer days, the approach of evening surf sessions, and the beginning of baseball. (In case you didn’t hear, Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith is trying to make Opening Day a national holiday – how great would that be?) So to mark the (almost) beginning of another MLB season, we decided to throw some Soulcake creativity at one of our favorite baseball franchises – the San Diego Padres.

Soulcake’s evolution of the Padres’ identity brings modernity and strength to the brand in a way that communicates area demographics and San Diego’s distinctive style of Southern California baseball.

The San Diego Padres have suffered from identity schizophrenia. Since the team was founded in 1969, it has used six different logos and four different sets of team colors.

While the Padres current navy and white uniforms are modern and professional, they lack personality and character. And although the team’s throwback brown and mustard uniforms are unquestionably fan favorites, they don’t command respect and swagger – even pushing the edge of gimmickry.

Soulcake’s evolution gently nudges the throwback mustard color of yesteryear toward a brighter, more vivid yellow. Paired with rich dark brown, the colors provide needed contrast, energy, and history to the team’s uniforms. Elegant, re-imagined uniform script and a wraparound SD insignia echo San Diego’s Spanish/Mexican heritage. And for home games, the jersey features a bold “Los Padres” wordmark across the chest, providing a compelling nod to both local history and the team’s large, enthusiastic Hispanic fan base on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

San Diego Padres full wordmark

Padres wordmark compare

Los Padres wordmark

Padres Home Jersey Front

Padres Home Jersey Back

San Diego wordmark

Padres Away Jersey Front

Padres Away Jersey Back

Padres SD mark compare

Padres Action ALT

Padres Home Jersey ALT

Padres Batting Practice Front

Padres NewEra Hat MAIN

Padres NewEra Hat ALT

Padres Petco park